Office Space for rent is always a better option

Summary: Information Technology or IT as it is fondly called as is the most talked about, most preferred and the fastest growing sector in India. The growth can be seen mostly be seen in the metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and also the big cities like Pune, Nagpur, Hyderabad etc.

Body: As IT sector in India is the most rapidly growing industry more and more people are investing for the IT Real Estate in India. This sector is the sector which provides a  chance to the new graduates every year from every background and gives them a gateway to explore themselves and creating an identity for themselves as a software professional. Every year thousands of graduates are hired either by campus recruitment or through off campus recruitment. For a city to have a IT office and develop as a IT hub it should have space for its office. The Estate comes into existence here. The big MNC’s either buy a space for its office or rent it out. Office space for rent is always a better option the reason being the hassle of designing, furnishing and all the tit-bits of construction can be avoided. It is taken care by the owner who is constructing it. Some small repairs in the office or anything which is to be fixed will also be taken care of by the owner. It is all well-furnished and all you have to do is bring in your employees and get going. Also one can save an ample amount of money by taking out a office on rent. Also if someone wishes to setup an office in a upcoming IT hubs such as cities like Nagpur then the space can be rented out in at a very efficient cost as compared to the other metro cities. Anytime in future if a company decides to vacant the place due to any reason then the loss beard by the company will be minimal as compared to the owned space. In an owned space there is a issue to sell if out at a good market price. For that one has to search for a buyer, give advertisements in the newspapers, hire a broker give some amount of commission to him; which increase the cost all the more. The rented space is given on contract basis until then one is free to use it and any repair any damage or any addition subtraction will be done by the owner himself as it comes under the contract.

Bio: The boom in the IT Office in India is not only providing employment to the young graduates but also to the Real Estate owners too buy constructing office for the IT industry and also residential blocks for the employees of the industry. This is a win-win situation for both the employer and the Real Estate owner too.

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