We have big dreams and fantasy that we want to see manifest into reality. A fantasy to construct not only office spaces for lease,but way of life. A fantasy to make coordinated commercial space available for rent and lease office space in a manner that has only to give friendliness plated extravagance. Our approach is centered around office design ideas that are fool proof and arranged so it enables advancement, making esteem resources for the cyber city, and to end up the pioneer in circles of similar business.

Everyone needs a work environment that adds to the spirit of fun and yet has productive results. Keeping all this in mind Wardha IT Park is established and has been contributing in the development of IT/ITES Sectors in Wardha. It is connected to almost every part of the city, medical, banking and every professional services, making it convenient for the people working there. With that said the cyber city add to the amenities of the IT park with all the facilities that it provides.

Wardha IT Park is the Best IT real estate to set up an IT office in India due to its great connectivity and easy accessibility. Wardha District has prominence throughout the World because of Mahatma Gandhi’s Ashram. Wardha is already a Hub of Numerous MNC campuses, commercial & corporate offices and extensive social infrastructure located nearby.

The main object of Wardha IT Park is to provide best quality and cost effective office building for lease or office space for lease to the IT/ITES companies. These spaces can either be a Cold Shell or Warm Shell, Fully furnished ready to move-in plug and play facility or a specify Built-to-Suite requirement of the client for IT/ITES activities & establishments.





Maharashtra Real Estate Regulatory Authority



[See rule 6(a)]

               This registration is granted under section 5 of the Act to the following project under project registration number :

              Project: Wardha It Park Project, Plot Bearing / CTS / Survey / Final Plot No.: H 1 at Barbadi, Wardha, Wardha, 442006;

              1. Maharani Paints Private Limited having its registered office / principal place of business at Tehsil: Wardha, District: Wardha, Pin: 442006.

            2. This registration is granted subject to the following conditions, namely:­
            -> The promoter shall enter into an agreement for sale with the allottees;
            ->  The promoter shall execute and register a conveyance deed in favour of the allottee or the association of the allottees, as the case may be,           of the apartment or the  common areas as per Rule 9 of Maharashtra Real Estate (Regulation and Development) (Registration of Real Estate            Projects, Registration of Real Estate Agents, Rates of Interest and Disclosures on Website) Rules, 2017;
            ->The promoter shall deposit seventy percent of the amounts realised by the promoter in a separate account to be maintained in a schedule            bank to cover the cost of construction and the land cost to be used only for that purpose as per sub­ clause (D) of clause (l) of sub­section (2) of           section 4 read with Rule 5;
            That entire of the amounts to be realised hereinafter by promoter for the real estate project from the allottees, from time to time, shall be            deposited in a separate account to be maintained in a scheduled bank to cover the cost of construction and the land cost and shall be used only              for that purpose, since the estimated receivable of the project is less than the estimated cost of completion of the project.
            ->The Registration shall be valid for a period commencing from 31/08/2017 and ending with 31/03/2018 unless renewed by the Maharashtra              Real Estate Regulatory Authority in accordance with section 5 of the Act read with rule 6
            ->The promoter shall comply with the provisions of the Act and the rules and regulations made there under; That the promoter shall take all the              pending approvals from the competent authorities

            3. If the above mentioned conditions are not fulfilled by the promoter, the Authority may take necessary action against the promoter including            &nbsp revoking the registration granted herein, as per the Act and the rules and regulations made there under.



                                          Dated: 31/08/2017

                                          Place: Mumbai


                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Signature and seal of the Authorized Officer

                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Maharashtra Real Estate Regulatory Authority



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